Sunday, November 14, 2010


NEW: ANTI-BAN! Scroll down for the anti-ban download

 Here is the link for working Transformice hacks for version .167!(updated July 31th).

Aqui está o link de hacks Transformice da versão 0,167! (Atualizado 31 de juhlo).


  • Get cheese instantly by pressing the F button!
  • Press the down arrow key to teleport!

List of other Hacks included .
  • No server player limit (If there are more than 2200 players on the server, it won't bug you about having to wait)
  • Map rotation removed (Maps that are upside-down no longer get rotated)
  • No AFK kick (Removed getting kicked in 10 mins for being AFK)
  • Shaman Distance limit removal (As a shaman, you can spawn items where ever you want in the map)
  • Shaman cooldown limit removal (You can spawn items instantly as shaman)
  • No Boundaries (You can go off the map without dying)
  • No mouse collisions (On maps where there are mouse collisions, you don't collide with them)
  • No explosions (Spirit or the explosives don't have any effect on your mouse)s
  • Unlimited jumping(fly hack!)

 If you don't believe me, watch this video for proof!

All you have to do is complete a short survey(30 seconds-1minute) and the hacks will be yours!

1.Download this file
2.Install program
3.When you get banned run the app and press connect and you will be unbanned when you go to the game.
4. If you get banned again keep on disconnect and reconnect until you get unbanned again.